TecForte Sdn Bhd provides enterprise security management solutions that combine performance for real-time threat management and the capacity to store raw data for historic and forensic analysis. Its pioneer status in ICT Security has also received MSC status from the Malaysian Government. Currently, their flagship product, Log Radar, is undergoing world class security certification, CC EAL2. Log Radar Version 3.0 is the latest development (in BETA version) from TecForte Sdn Bhd.

Log Radar has been selected and deployed in various Government Agencies (inclusive of National security and law enforcement agencies), Telecommunications and Financial industry in the region.

TecForte Sdn Bhd has also been recognised by Red Herring as one of the most promising and innovative companies in the world with the Top Global 100 Technologies Companies2010 award, putting the company on par with Google, Skype, Fortinet, BlueCoat, etc.

Kho Han Yao, the CEO of TecForte Sdn Bhd says ICT security is a dynamic and constantly-evolving field and organisations around the world are continuously seeking effective and sustainable means of maintaining top-notch ICT security. He says today’s security management demands are often staggering and monitoring the enormous amount of activity across complex systems is easily one of the biggest headaches. “Data shows that many of the Malaysian Government Agencies and private enterprises generate from 80 million up to 2 billion events daily, making it a manually-impossible task to study, analyse and report on security information and events,” Kho says.

“Log Radar can be used to resolve the most fundamental ICT challenges that are faced by organisations in monitoring and managing security threats, information and events, namely the sheer volume of activities and the complexities of ICT, through the application of automation and security intelligence. It has been purpose-built to address customer needs in Security Management.  Log Radar’s automation and intelligence enables the ICT administrator to combat ICT threats and to regain full control over their ICT Security Systems,” Kho explains.

“ICT security systems from foreign developers are often not very user friendly, expensive to own & maintain, and do not fully comply with local requirements. Log Radar is an ideal alternative as it is purpose-built to simplify security management for quick and effective results and ease of set up, operation and maintenance, is able to integrate with all networks, security elements and proprietary applications, and is compliant with local and regional country-specific security standards and policy. Log Radar also customises integration with customers’ proprietary applications and unique operational process,” Kho elaborates.

He notes that Log Radar is the only Malaysia homegrown Security Management Solution that fulfills MAMPU MyMIS guidelines thus helping the Government mitigate Malaysia’s dependency on foreign security product vendors for National Security and eliminating the need for sharing National Security information with foreign security vendors. In addition, Log Radar offers a one-stop solution and services package needed for reliable and sustainable Security Management, besides making available the source code in escrow for large implementation for selected clients.