• A pre-commercialisation programme
    providing a conditional grant and
    value added assistance

The CIP300 is a pre-commercialisation programme which provides a conditional grant and value added assistance amounting up to RM300,000 for entrepreneurs. It is intended to kick-start innovative technology based start-ups to enhance and commercialise their products or services.

CIP 300

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CIP300?

Cradle Investment Programme 300 (CIP300) is a new conditional grant product by Cradle which was launch in May 2017 following from our announcement in December 2016 to revamp our long standing CIP Products, CIP Catalyst and CIP500 to better suit Malaysia’s thriving start-up eco-system.

The CIP300 is a pre-commercialisation programme that provides a conditional grant and value added assistance up to RM300 000 for entrepreneurs to kick-start innovative technology based start-ups to enchance and commercialise their products or services.

What is the purpose of CIP300?

The purpose of this programme is to assist early stage entrepreneurs to:

  1. To convert market validated prototype to a commercial product/service
  2. To further enhance existing product/service
  3. To commercialise the product/service

CIP300 helps address the funding gap that exists for early stage businesses at the pre-commercialisation stage

Is CIP Catalyst and CIP500 still available?

No. As announced last December 2016, both of these products will no longer available with immediate effect starting end of year 2016. CIP Catalyst and CIP500 has been around for years and it is time for Cradle to revamp its conditional grant product to better suit Malaysia’s thriving start-up eco-system by introducing CIP300.

What is the difference between CIP300 with CIP Catalyst and CIP500 offered by Cradle?

CIP300 is the combination of CIP Catalyst and CIP500 that offers financial assistance of up to RM300 000. Under CIP300, early stage entrepreneurs can both enhance and commercialise their products.

A key feature of the CIP300 is a range of value added assistance that each CIP300 recipient will benefit from. These services are designed to help nurture, develop and prepare them for the challenges of building a tech start-up from the ground up. These value added support includes:

  • An enhanced Coaching & Mentoring Programme throughout the funding period.
  • Opportunity to be matched with potential investors.
  • Match making with Cradle’s partners.
  • Internal training programme to support creation, innovation and commercialisation.
  • Participation in business and networking events under Cradle.
  • Media and public relation support.
Who is eligible to apply for CIP300?

This product is eligible for application by individual or locally incorporated companies operating less than three (3) years. Eligibility criteria are as follows:

  • Primary applicant is a Malaysian aged 18 years and above.
  • Primary applicant is a permanent resident in Malaysia.
  • A team comprises of ONLY Two (2) Members.
  • A Sdn Bhd locally incorporated less than three (3) years (if applicable).
  • At least 51% of the company’s equity is held by Malaysian.
  • For company, accumulated revenue is not more than RM3 million.
How long is the cycle of CIP300?

From pitching stage to approval stage will take around Two (2) to Three (3) months. As for Approval stage to completion stage, it will take approximately up to Eighteen (18) months.

Can we be a part of the audience of another company’s pitching session?

No. All applicant can only be in for their pitching session and NOT other company’s session as all pitching session will be done as ‘Closed Session’.

In regards to the disbursement of funds – do we pay then be reimbursed or get funded at that milestone?

Start-ups will get reimbursed.

How will the funds be disbursed?

Funds will be disbursed through one-time advance to kick-start the fund, and the following/rest will be on reimbursement basis.

Do we need to own the IP?

Yes. The propriety of the IP MUST belongs to the recipient or company.

Can we apply for Sdn Bhd after funding approved?

Yes, only if you are applying as a group of individuals.

Would my app need solid traction (quantity of listing/users) before submitting the application?

Not necessarily, but it will strengthen your application.

Would a tech co-founder significantly boost the chance to get funding?

Not necessarily, but it will strengthen your application.

As there is quite a few marketplace type app out there, is Cradle still interested to fund marketplace type app?

Yes, if the applicant is able to show the uniqueness of their app and how is it better than its current competitors.

What are the important points needed if I were to be called in for pitching? Is your team looking for a specific type of USP?

The competition of getting funded under Cradle Investment Programme has increasingly becoming competitive over the years. Innovation are evolving on a daily basis and we are looking for the best amongst the greatest. Highlighting important points as follows may help you in your application:

  • Clear explanation of the pain/problem/issue that you would like to address/solve.
  • Clear explanation about the technology innovation of your product/service.
  • Clear explanation on how your creation in technology through innovation can address/solve the issue that you would like to resolve.
  • Clear and updated analysis in commercialisation aspect of your product/service which includes competitor analysis.
  • The diversity in your team. It is not a must but having a diversity in team’s expertise such as tech, finance, etc. will show the strength in your team.
What are the documents needed to submit my application for CIP300?

You need to complete and submit the online pitch application form at www.cradle.com.my and pitch slides which conforms to our guidelines stated in the online form.

Will my concept/idea be leaked upon submitting my application?

No. Your concept/idea will be treated as private and confidential.

I have developed a product and currently being used by a client. Can I still apply for CIP300?

Yes, you can still apply for CIP300.

What are the terms of conditional grant?

The fund must be used solely for the purpose of the development and commercialisation of the product/service, and the recipient is required to meet all deliverables within the stipulated timeline.

Which industries can apply for CIP300?

Technology-based industries which include ICT, Non ICT and others.

If the amount of grant that has been funded to us in not successfully workable and the company closed down, do we need to pay back?

Yes, startups need to pay back plus administration fees.

How is the CIP300 grant different from a loan?

The CIP300 is a conditional grant offered by Cradle. The grant funding is an incentive from the Government to help assist local entrepreneurs in starting up their technology based innovation journey. Recipient under the CIP300 are obligated to pay back the grant money based on the terms and conditions apply upon signing the agreement with Cradle.

How long will we be monitored by Cradle after completion?

24 Months.

How can I apply for CIP300?

Please go to www.cradle.com.my and click the ‘Apply’ button for CIP300.

Are you Eligible for our Conditional Grant, CIP300?

*Please note that all applications are subject to companies’ internal requirements

Need to get in touch? Email us at cip300@cradle.com.my

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CIP 300


  • Primary applicant is a Malaysian aged 18 years and above
  • Primary applicant is a permanent resident in Malaysia
  • A team comprises of two (2) members only
  • A Sdn Bhd locally incorporated less than three (3) years (if applicable)
  • 51% of the company's equity is held by Malaysian
  • For applicant that are applying under the category 'Company', accumulated revenue is NOT more than RM3 Million

CIP300 Pitching Session New Schedule Updates

Please be informed that our CIP300 Pitching Session will now be held on a quarterly basis on March 2019, June 2019, September 2019 and December 2019 respectively. For more information, please send your queries via our Facebook page at @cradlefundsb
Thank you.

Disclaimer: *Only successful applicant via CIP300 Online Pitching Form will be informed the pitching session dates and time.