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Carbengkel Sets Out To Solve Motoring Woes

Published 18 April, 2018

KUALA LUMPUR, 16 JUNE 2015 – Finding the right mechanic to solve your motoring problems, especially during the fast-approaching festive season, will soon be less of frantic search with the help of the CarBengkel mobile application.

A recipient of the Cradle CIP Catalyst product development grant, CarBengkel lets motorists locate nearby workshops and service centres to repair or send their vehicles for regular maintenance checks.

Armin Baniaz, founder and managing director of CarBengkel said he and his team built the app so that motorist can spend less time looking for a workshop that offers impeccable service at affordable prices.

“Most households do not set aside a budget for car maintenance as they do other expenses but it needs to be done to ensure the vehicle’s optimal performance. It is only when the time comes for the vehicle’s regular service or when it breaks down that motorists realise they have to part with a sum of money and maybe even more if an essential part of the vehicle needs to be replaced,” he said.

Motorists can use CarBengkel to request price quotations from workshops for repair or maintenance works and choose the one that fits their budget.

“This way, motorist will be able to estimate the cost of maintaining their vehicles and may even avoid being cheated by unscrupulous service centre operators,” he said.

Motorists can arrange for the selected service centre operator to pick their car up for service if they’re too busy to drive in themselves and drop it off at their home or office afterwards.

Motorists can also use the CarBengkel mobile application to send an SOS alert to nearby workshops when their vehicles break down in unfamiliar territories. A low-truck or a mechanic will then be sent to solve the problem.

CarBengkel is available for free on both AppStore and Google Play and is linked to a network of 1,000 workshops, and service centres nationwide. CarBengkel is scrutinising an additional 1,800 workshops and service centres to be included its network.

“This is a great app for motorists to have on their smartphones which can help them in emergencies. Continental Tyre is honoured to partner with CarBengkel. With it, we’re better able to attend to our customer’s needs where ever they may be,” said Cameron Wilson, vice-president of marketing & sales PLT & TT, Continental Tyre PJ Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.