Wong Whei Meng: Speedrent App When You Want To Let

Published 05 March, 2019

Speedrent founder and CEO Wong Whei Meng wants to make home renting easy and secure. He tells AWANI Review’s Mariam Azmi why his Airbnb-like platform is different compared to traditional property listing services.

Speedrent wants to make the process of renting a home stress-free. Similar to vacation rental platform Airbnb, the homegrown company serves as a online marketplace for long-term home rentals.


Unlike the traditional property listing websites, Speedrent cuts out the process of going through a middleman or property agent, allowing tenants and landlord to connect directly.


“So, what makes us interesting is that we focus on three key things – safety, equality and most importantly, everything is automated.”


“What do we mean by safe? We use technology and work with credit reporting agencies to filter a tenant. So, we will make sure that you have great scoring before you can rent a house. That way it’s safer for the landlord,” says Wong.


Source from AWANI Review