Why Big-Name F&B Chains Are Using A Platform Made By A M’sian Who Failed In F&B Himself

Published 14 February, 2019

  • Food Market Hub is a cloud-based platform that helps F&B businesses easily manage supply orders and keep track of inventory and costs, making it easy for them to understand their purchasing habits and save time on supply management.

  • The platform was created by Malaysian Anthony See in late 2017 and has already expanded to serve Hong Kong, Thailand, and Singapore.

Two years ago, ex-Intel Solutions Architect Anthony See went into the food business. He invested a good sum of money into a promising F&B venture, with the outlook positive and things going well during the early days.


A while later, however, poor management of the business caused the venture to incur high costs, mainly due to waste of food. Eventually, the venture failed and Anthony and his partners were left scratching their heads—confused as to what they could and should have done to save their business from tanking.


After careful pondering, they found that everything eventually led back to the lack of a structure in the inventory and ordering chain—something large, established, and more successful F&B businesses knew how to maintain.


Source from Vulcan Post