This M’sian Rental Platform Wants To Up The Ante Against Property Agents & Racists

Published 30 January, 2019

The last time we spoke to Wong Whei Meng of Speedrent for a full interview about his business was in 2015. Back then, his company was a relative newbie to the real estate game, but was already making waves in the local property market thanks to its disruptive approach that helped landlords and tenants connect directly with each other instead of having to go through property agents.


Back then, he said that dealing with a property agent was akin to dealing with a messenger who would only repeat the same message again and again, insinuating that the same service could be executed more efficiently through Speedrent’s app-based platform.


And as it turned out, Speedrent’s devil-may-care approach managed to rattle a few cages, with plenty of hatemail and threats being received from disgruntled property agents. But even more so, Whei Meng decided that they’d not stop, convinced that his company were on the right track.


Source from Vulcan Post