This M’sian Platform Comes With One Guarantee—A 15% Increase In Sales Conversions In 60 Days

Published 01 July, 2019

Stanley Chee and Jeffry Chan managed their own digital lead generation agencies back in 2016 and worked together on a few client projects.


One day, they had conversations over lunch at a Japanese restaurant at Amcorp Mall. They shared the frustrations about their clients not attending to the leads fast enough and the lack of trackability in the whole lead-to-sale (L2S) journey.


Their conversation led them to initiate SalesCandy, a tech startup that provides solutions to improve the clients’ lead-to-sale conversion rates and eventually close more sales.


In 2016, with just a 40-slide presentation and without a developed product, co-founders Stanley and Jeffry acquired RM200,000 pre-sold contracts to four early adopters. They also invested their own pocket money worth RM170,000 into their business.


Last year, they were awarded CIP300 Grant (worth RM300,000) by the Cradle Fund. Now the team tells us that company is valued over RM20 million in the latest round of fundraising.

Source from Vulcan Post