Tech: A chance encounter leads FutureLab to new revenue stream

Published 10 July, 2019

SOCIAL learning tech platform FutureLab believes that its recent diversification into the business enterprise solutions segment will help bring it on the path to profitability. Co-founder and CEO Brian Tan says it aims to ring in a profit by next year.


“Profitability is the main goal for us. I don’t believe in all that non-stop fundraising culture,” he tells The Edge, referring to the fast-paced, capital-raising culture that is so ingrained in the tech world.


“We will be profitable first and only then will we raise more capital to expand and make more money,” he says, adding that the start-up is on track to be profitable in the next seven months and intends to venture into two new markets — Singapore and Australia — in the next 18 months.


Source from The Edge Markets