Supplybunny: Startup Maverick Tham Keng Yew Lets Cooks Cook

Published 17 January, 2019

Third time’s a charm, for 37-year old Tham Keng Yew, who’s had his fair share of failing startups at the beginning of his career.

However, he leads an ambitious life having after dropping out of his PhD program, where he worked for tech startup in Silicon Valley for five years.

“There was an opportunity to work for a startup called EXS Networks, it was in the exact area of my PhD thesis which was sensor networking.”

“My decision to quit my PhD and join a startup in Silicon Valley was because I wanted to create an impact.”

After settling back home in, Malaysia he started his first company in 2007 called ‘Social Walk’, which unfortunately tanked in seven months. This was followed by his second attempt at a startup which ran for only two years.

Today, he’s the CEO and co-founder of Supplybunny which offers an online marketplace that links restaurant owners with wholesale food and beverage suppliers in Malaysia.

“We operate very similarly to the Uber and Grab model. We don’t carry inventory and we don’t hold logistics. We are a pure market place.”

“So, if you’ve ever shopped on Lazada, it’s very similar but we target restaurants. We are a B2B platform. So, what we do is we have a system which involves quotation and invoicing, inventory, checking. That’s what we train our suppliers to do,” says Tham.


Source from Awani Review