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Supahands’ CEO Mark Koh Credits Endurance Racing For His Entrepreneurial Success

Supahands' CEO Mark Koh Credits Endurance Racing For His Entrepreneurial Success

Published 20 November, 2019

In this interview, the Gen.T 2019 honouree reveals his thoughts on entrepreneurship, artificial intelligence and how endurance sports shaped his road to success.


Being a curious and adventurous soul, Mark Koh left his career path largely in the hands of fate. “On my university application, I listed three course choices: marine biology, architecture and commerce. I let the course and university ‘choose’ me, instead of the other way around. When I was accepted into the University of Sydney for commerce, I just went with it,” he says.


After graduation, he worked for a boutique financial planning practice in Sydney that looked after high net worth clients in Australia. There, he learnt how to manage assets as well as do tax planning and financial structuring. “The owner of the business was my first mentor. He had qualities I admired—successful, generous and meticulous,” he reveals.


Source from Malaysia Tatler

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