SalesCandy’s expansion to 4 Southeast Asian countries prompts new innovations

Published 03 June, 2019

Among the many problems that companies often have to contend with, lead-to-sale (L2S) management is at the pinnacle of pain points. From problems on the lack of consolidation, to slow response time, and even to lack of incentives for salespeople when it comes to promoting accountability.


All of these problems espouse insufficient insights from lead-to-sale data to accurately measure the effectiveness of advertising efforts, ultimately resulting in marketing teams missing opportunities to improve the return of investment.


It is with this regard that the folks at SalesCandy decided to launch a mobile app called SalesCandy® LMS to address concerns surrounding these topics.


What the company created accommodates these exact problems: an app that picks up leads generated through multiple traditional and digital channels and routes them instantly to the salespeople’s mobile phones the moment an enquiry is submitted, enabling them to get in touch as swiftly as possible.


Source from e27