Riding the learning curve with the CEO of Supahands

Published 18 December, 2019

Mark Koh, CEO of Supahands, reflected on his role in growing the company into what it is today with Mike Dias, CEO of ScaleUp Valley.


Read on to see how you can approach scaling challenges the same way they do.


What has been Supahands’ scaling journey so far? Including your own personal journey with the company.


It has been a huge learning curve, both for myself and the team. I have had to level up my own thinking to keep thinking bigger and faster, and there was not a single day that goes by where I am not learning something new.


The last quarter has involved major steps in chasing high-quality growth, which has been fun and challenging. It required a lot of experimentation, micro pivots and failing fast. We were moving so quickly (having new additions to the team while our active SupaAgent pool grew by over three times in a quarter) that many things started to “break” such as our infrastructure and our organisational structure.


Source from e27