Jeevan Kumar, Founder & CEO of ZOOM

Published 2 July, 2019

Jeevan Kumar left the corporate world to start a tech logistics company, Zoom.

What’s your story?
After graduating from Australia, I spent 14 years in the advertising and marketing industry, working in multiple Asian cities and enjoying the high-flying corporate lifestyle. That all came to a stop when our company was bought out and after not agreeing with the new direction of the company, I decided it was time to pack my sneakers and head back home to Malaysia.

When I got back home, I didn’t find a corporate job that interested me and it was one lucky day that I spent a couple of hours at the coffeeshop, (a Malaysian favourite pastime activity) and I caught up with some good friends to brainstorm opportunities. It was here where I came up with an idea to start a tech based logistics platform that enables e-commerce customers to make last mile deliveries, effortlessly.

What excites you most about your industry?
Logistics is an age old industry and the majority of the big players that control it have not innovated and adopted technology as a way to increase efficiencies in speed of delivery and the power of the shared economy to drive scalability.

With the Malaysian government’s firm commitment to e-commerce growth and under its National E-commerce Strategic Roadmap, which aims to double Malaysia’s e-commerce growth rate, it opens up many opportunities for technology enabled logistic players like us to support the e-commerce players with a more robust last mile delivery solution.

Source from Asian