Entrepreneurship: Zooming to fill the last-mile logistics gap

Published 24 January, 2019

Jeevan Kumar decided to send his wife flowers one day, but when he got home he found her upset. Although the flowers were beautiful, the delivery guy was less than prepossessing and she was afraid to even open the door.

He shared this experience with his buddies Sean Lee and Mohd Hafiz at one of their regular catch-up sessions and realised that his wife’s bad experience actually signalled a gap in the market — traditional logistics companies did not deliver perishables such as flowers, food and drinks.

The three of them decided to visit the flower delivery company in question, BloomThis, which shares this problem, as they saw it, with other same-day delivery services. Of the three, only Hafiz was tangentially involved in the logistics business, selling computer and video games and working with freelance drivers to deliver these games to buyers across the Klang Valley.

They decided to test out a last-mile logistics solution and picked the 10 most presentable delivery guys to deliver flowers for BloomThis. The company agreed and they spent the last two weeks of December 2015 training the delivery guys to make sure they were well-groomed and courteous enough to meet customers.

Source from The Edge Markets