eBay appoints Everpeaks Consulting as first Malaysian Channel Partner

Published 02 April, 2019

EVERPEAKS Consulting has been appointed as the very first Malaysia-based Channel Partner for eBay, after having worked closely with eBay in onboarding and helping local SMEs sell their products on the marketplace.


Globally, eBay has 179 million active buyers with over one billion listings. Its reach extends beyond 190 countries and represents a significant opportunity for sellers to expand their customer database beyond Malaysia.


Currently, there are more than 9,000 Malaysian sellers on eBay, 77% of whom sell outside of Malaysia. The top destinations for eBay export sellers are the US (55%), Australia (27%) and the UK (18%).


In 2017, autoparts were the leading category for sales from Malaysian sellers to these countries while other high growth categories were baby, home improvement, business (office and industrial), health and beauty as well as toy products.


As to why it has taken this long for such a partnership despite eBay’s long-time local presence, the managing director of Everpeaks, Joachim Sebastian, explained: “The required legal and control measures needed for such a relationship between a local player and global brand took a significant amount of time to craft out.


Source from Digital News Asia