RHL Ventures Invests in Healthcare SAAS Platform Healthmetrics

Published 10 January, 2019

The RHL Ventures team (from left) aja Hamzah Abidin Raja Nong Chik, Kong Chin Joe, and Rachel Lau

The company’s core solution is centred around healthcare benefits – acting as an automated platform for companies to manage their employee health benefits with better cost and productive efficiency.

“HealthMetrics has developed an intuitive platform to cater to a severely overlooked sector of corporate management; empowering companies to streamline the opaque costs and processes typically associated with claims management”, said Rachel Lau, managing partner at RHL Ventures.

“The company’s stellar growth over the past year demonstrated its ability to tap into this underserved market segment, and we are excited to support their journey to extend its solution across Malaysia and beyond.”

HealthMetrics was founded with the vision to change the way companies manage their employees’ medical benefits.

Source from Digital News Asia