Published 01 August, 2019

(From left) Johan Nasir of Proficeo who was moderating, Cradle Fund acting CEO Razif Abdul Aziz; MDEC CEO Surina Shukri; and Proficeo chief evangelist Dr V. Sivapalan.

“IF YOU think about growing for the global market, it’s a business journey,” said MDEC chief executive officer Surina Shukri. “The next step is, how to become a digital business.”


This could be any speech given at any forum attended by Malaysian entrepreneurs. Except in this particular case she was talking to micro entrepreneurs, whose sales turnover is less than US$72,705 (RM300,000).


The idea that MDEC is courting housewives with home industries like sambal-making or batik printing to bring their wares overseas may seem curiously specific and low-level for an organisation mandated to chart the digital future of a whole country. But Surina is quite serious that such individuals are the right people to target.


“The promise is that technology gives you all this freedom to create,” she explained to the second cohort of graduates from the eUsahawan Level Up programme, “(and) entrepreneurship is the notion of creating something out of nothing.”


Source From Digital News Asia