Published 28 June, 2019

Our late great Nazrin Hassan, former CEO of Cradle Fund, who does not stand for showy and shallow events would have loved it. It has been just over one year since his untimely passing hit the Malaysian ecosystem.

MTW offers a platform for Malaysian ecosystem players and those aspiring to join the ecosystem, be they locals or from overseas to come together and in a condensed period, experience and get a taste for the Malaysian tech and innovation ecosystem.

“MTW was proof that the silos are starting to come together, from government to regulators to corporates to startups,” says Fadzli Shah Anuar, head of strategy for Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) which was one of the key supporters of the event.

Yet MDEC was not the main driver of the MTW, which was actually private-sector led. This would have pleased Nazrin to no end as he always believed that the Malaysian ecosystem can only move up to the next level when the private sector takes over the reins from government. I think MTW can become the most visible example of this transfer of responsibility. There is still lots of work to be done, but we are on the right path.

Source From DNA