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Keng Yew Tham: Life Is Not A Sprint, It’s A Marathon

KKM dan DoctorOnCall bekerjasama bantu tangani kekeliruan berhubung COVID-19

Published 19 February, 2020

Throughout the interview with Keng Yew, we were able to understand the mentality of a true businessman. Having experienced failure and standing up again after learning form past mistakes. This is what shaped him to become successful in this marathon of life.

Before coming back to Malaysia, Keng Yew was a PhD research student in the United States and had also worked in the Silicone Valley. In 2007, he decided to return to Malaysia to start a business, after failing twice in his business ventures, he was able to learn and improve from those failures. He later established Supplybunny, a business-to-business e-commerce platform that currently supplies ingredients to 1800 restaurants.


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