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How the opportunity to digitalise can help businesses to scale up

How the opportunity to digitalise can help businesses to scale up

Published 10 December, 2019

As Southeast Asia accelerates its growth in the digital economy, the sheer amount of businesses growing in multiple countries and in multiple sectors will grow exponentially. In the early years of the ecosystem, the focus of the startups is pure execution in market to gain market share through acquisition of their customers and users. Many of the early startups would scale their front end customers or users facing portions of their businesses, while thus spending most of their resources on this.


As the market conditions stabilizes, the maturity of the customers and users also increases through higher expectations learnt from education and exchanges with more mature markets globally. This in turn, requires companies serving clients to spend part of their focus and resources into their backend processes, setting up appropriate platforms for data processing engines, in order to meet such higher requirements.


The good news is that as startups grow with the markets, they acquire more resources to support such expenses. While previously viewed as non-critical, it’s now an expectations that needs to be met. Government driven digitalization waves, also pushes both customers and suppliers on board more complex digital bandwagons. Corporates embarking innovation journeys with startups, also expects a higher degree of integration between small but high tech driven processes and workflow with their incumbent inhouse processes.


All these movements pushes the need for a market entry of complex enterprise resource planning systems (ERP Systems).


An ERP system in a nutshell, is a cross-functional information system that provides organisation-wide coordination and integration of the key business processes that supports with planning the resources of an organisation. Utilising one could bring about better planning, through seamless information sharing across the organisation. Also, business functions like sales, production, manufacturing, logistics, and human resources, can be integrated into organisation-wide business processes.


Recently, a panel discussion on automation, analytics and AI was organised by e27 to to provide  more knowledge to enterprises on how digitalisation can provide an impact to businesses. PointStar, Oracle NetSuite’s partner in Singapore has partnered with e27 for this event, in line with their official launch of it’s 4th regional office, and now in Kuala Lumpur. Many Malaysian tech companies are collaborating with PointStar to help businesses understand the benefits of embracing digitalisation for their organisation, thus, opening a regional office in Malaysia’s business district. PointStar is NetSuite’s partner in Singapore and has been a NetSuite solution provider since 2010.


The entry of a world class product such as Netsuite points to a positive fact that the ecosystem is maturing in the correct direction, and Southeast Asia startups have the necessary mandate and resource to produce world class products & services.


Some of the challenges faced such by business owners to automate their business can be overcome by having the right guidance on tools to use, grants to help with the cost of digitalisation, and education to the younger generation for the future. Small and medium businesses that are scaling should look for opportunities to digitalise and automate to increase company’s productivity that results to business owners to focus on scaling the company.


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