Closing more sales with SalesCandy

Published 24 January, 2019

According to the book “The Conversion Code” by Chris Smith, an online lead contacted within five minutes has 8 times better chances of qualifying compared to an online lead contacted after thirty minutes. This is only one of the many factors that ultimately determines a sale.

Of the biggest hurdles people in sales often come across, lead management takes the cake. While there are existing platforms that cater to sales and marketing management, there isn’t a single one out there that enables salespeople to effortlessly capture and respond to enquiries that come through various digital platforms, and to respond to them at the same time they are submitted in order to improve chances of closing sales.

In a traditional sales and marketing environment, when a digital marketing campaign is launched, sales managers will consolidate the enquiries from various gateways and distribute them to salespeople manually. This process usually takes days to complete and when the leads finally reach the salesperson, the golden hours of qualifying would have already passed.

Source from e27