Besides Grab Driving, Your Car Can Also Earn You Some $$ On This M’sian Platform

Published 28 May, 2019

WAHDAH, founded by Johorians Muhammad Raden Anwar and Ahmad Amran, provides a hybrid car rental and sharing platform. Its goal is to minimise the hassles of renting cars and form partnership with vehicles owners to turn their unused vehicles into passive income.

“Most individuals, micro-preneurs and even SMEs that are involved in car rental businesses manage their operations manually with limited market access which mostly depend on the social media platform,” said Raden.

“Car rental operators on WAHDAH enjoy a comprehensive fleet management system that automates and simplifies car rental daily operations.”

In 2011, Raden started things off by renting out his own vehicle for personal income to make month ends meet.

Due to overwhelming demand, he then continued the idea with another 5 more vehicles in 2012. It led him to start a travel business, Wahdah Travel & Tours which focused on the tourism industry particularly in the car rental segment.

After going through an extremely painful experience and acknowledging the importance of having a system in running the car rental business, he decided to venture into the IT industry with his new partner Ahmad Amran Kapi (an IT expert in a web-based development) and formed Wahdah Technologies Sdn. Bhd.

Their startup is located in Melaka, where they source tech talents through its many universities and colleges.

Source From Vulcan Post