A better year for equity crowdfunding

Published 17 February, 2019

Those who have participated in equity crowdfunding (ECF) campaigns have much to look forward to this year. They could expect more issuances to be launched and the valuations of their existing investments to increase, say industry players.

This comes after a slow 2018, when the number of successful deals in the industry fell to 13 from 17 the previous year, according to the ECF report card released last November. In 2018, the outlook for ECF was largely affected by the 14th general election. Due to the uncertainties, many issuers, investors and platform operators postponed their activities until after the polls.

“No issuer was keen to go out in that business environment before the election. But once we resumed, we were doing at least one issuance a month. We are positive that there will be a lot more issuances this year. We already have a few companies lined up,” says Kashminder Singh, co-founder and chief strategy officer of pitchIN.

Source from The Edge Market