BIZ CHALLENGE 2019 Kota Kinabalu is now OPEN!
If you want to participate, Click on this link –

Have you ever had an idea that you believe has the potential to revolutionize the world but didn’t have the platform to present the idea for the world to see or the financial support to bring your idea to life? Or, you have a business with products but lacks the financial means to realise its business potential? Well worry no more! E3Hubs-XCEL is pleased to announce the inaugural BIZCHALLENGE 2019.

BIZCHALLENGE 2019 is a public pitching competition initiated by E3Hubs in partnership with XCEL Ventures for Start-Up Entrepreneurs to take this opportunity and moment to pitch their start-up ideas and businesses to E3Hubs’ network of angel investors and venture capitalists as well as equity crowdfunding platforms.

This Competition will be brought to the Finals in November 2019, where we will witness Investors from XCEL Emeritus Global’s Project Unicorn & E3 Entrepreneurs Hub Group Investors Group.