How To Invest In Your 1st Asean Startup

25 August 2017, 9am-1.30pm @ WORQ, GLO Damansara


Big Winners or Nothing

Angel Investing is highly illiquid and the outcome is unpredictable. US data shows 2.6X returns in 3.5 years from investment to exit. That’s a staggering 27% average annual returns. Angel investing is immensely rewarding but for the new and uninitiated, the risks of angel investing are high. This Angel Investing Course was created with the aim to initiate new angel investors, to equip you with the skills to evaluate a startup and to build a community of like-minded angel investors looking to support the regional startups and potentially secure greater returns as a community. We prefer not to just rehash information from American celebrity angel investors and books as the startup landscape is different in Southeast Asia. As such, we have invited a practitioner who has numerous investments in ASEAN startups to conduct the course.



Der Shing is an active Regional Angel Investor in 14 startups and Venture Partner at Jungle Ventures. He is also the Former CEO and founder of JobsCentral Group. He grew both the profit and revenue over a 14-year period from a 2-man startup into a leading regional job portal with over 150 staff in 3 countries. In 2011, sold the business to CareerBuilder. His experience covers all the topics required to startup, build and scale a consumer internet business in South East Asia. He shares some of his insights at his blog. He will be sharing more of his experience and knowledge during the Angel Investing Course.

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