Rockin’ Cradle

We Rockin’ Cradle will feature two Rockin’ Entrepreneurs in every issue.


CultureRun was started by the Low sisters, Su-Zen and Suwen who believe in life-long learning. The online platform allows everyone to learn a new skill – from playing the ukulele to learning how to better manage your finances at the CultureRun ShareShops.


Tootpay comes up tops at Echelon 2014 Malaysia Satellite event.

ROCKIN’ CRADLE Volume 1 is a discount store whilst is a health and beauty e-store. We have been in operations since Dec 2010 and this year, we aim to launch 3 new ventures under our Innovation arm.


Our goal is the success of our entrepreneurs. Currently, we have the highest rate of commercialisation amongst grants in the nation thus far. Here are some of the success stories.
XD Building Designer
The CIP Catalyst grant enabled Thomas Cheah and his team to develop the XD Building Designer which is intended to address the design, information management and coordination issues prevalent in the building industry over the full life cycle of a building facility project.
Secure Portable Application Framework
The Secure Portable Application Framework developed by Hannry Chan and team for flash memory storage rides on the potential demand generated by the more than 500 million units of USB drives distributed annually in the world, besides being also compatible…
Unified Alert Messaging System
The Unified Alert Messaging System, which has achieved sales of above RM100,000 and is expanding its market overseas, is designed for ease of use by both small and medium sized businesses and corporations.
Mobile Network Radio Optimisation GIS Tool or Xeus
The CIP Catalyst grant enabled Andre and his partner to develop the Xeus, a cost effective tool for mobile network optimisation that is used by mobile operators in Malaysia, Libya, Oman and Hong Kong.