Direct Equity 800 (DEQ800)

DEQ800 is a form of equity investment of up to RM800,000 for local tech start-ups.

This programme aims to fund local early stage high potential technology start-ups.

Focused investment area under this programme include areas within the National Key Economic Areas (NKEA) such as:

Financial Services; Tourism; Business Service; Electrical & Electronics; Wholesale and Retail; Education; Healthcare; Communications Content and Infrastucture; Oil, Gas and Energy; Agriculture

Targeted and Potential Investee Companies are Start-ups with Tech-based products or services that possess the following criteria:

Malaysian incorporated company operating less than five (5) years

Ownership of at least 51% by Malaysians

Revenue of not more than RM5 Million

Own or at least hold all IP rights, titles and interest to the prototype, products and/or services.


To Apply or for more Information, please email at OR call us at 03 – 4045 8600 to get more information.