About MYHackathon

The Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) is constantly looking at new and innovative ideas, solutions, platforms and scientific discovery that will benefit Malaysians. One of the key pillars it focuses on is the use of technology and digitalisation as a means to improve the delivery of key public services to the Rakyat.

This year, MOSTI is taking the bold step of calling on all innovators, software engineers, subject matter experts, as well as concerned Malaysians, to come together to co-create digital solutions that will help improve how those services are delivered and thereby improve the well-being of the Rakyat.

MOSTI is organising a nationwide series of hackathons called “MYHackathon” with each hackathon driven by a specific “theme” and matching set of problem statements to ensure the widest variety and number of problem statements for maximum value.

The MYHackathon team will be going nationwide so if you have the vision, courage and determination to make a difference – PLEASE JOIN US!


The Themes

There are six hackathons planned for 2020 – starting in October. Each hackathon will have a different theme and will be held at different locations around Malaysia.

Prihatin Rakyat

DATE: 3rd October 2020
LOCATION: Kuala Lumpur


Rakyat Sihat Sejahtera

DATE: 5th October, 2020
LOCATION: Kuala Terengganu


Ilmu Pelita Hidup

DATE: 19th November 2020
LOCATION: Johor Bahru


Bina Negara

DATE: 23rd November 2020


Inovasi Asas Pembangunan

DATE 26th November 2020


Rakyat Produktif

DATE: 30th November 2020
LOCATION: Kota Kinabalu


MYHackathon Process

  1. Each Hackathon has 2 categories:
    a. Sprint Ideation Category
    b. Marathon Category
  2. Registration will open SEVEN days BEFORE the Hackathon Launch Day. The Hackathon’s theme and problem statements will be shared on this website when registration opens.
    IMPORTANT: Online Registrations CLOSES at 5.00 pm, on the Hackathon Launch Day.
  3. The Hackathon is done FULLY ONLINE (due to adhering to MKN’s CMCO regulations)
  4. The entire process takes FIFTEEN (15) days.
  5. The Hackathon will run FULLY ONLINE from Days 1 to 7.
  6. All teams must submit their completed projects online by 11.00 pm on Day 7.
  7. We shall shortlist the Top 10 participants from each category and inform all shortlisted teams on Day 12, 10.00 am via email and phone.
  8. All shortlisted teams are then required to attend a TWO days Bootcamp (Day 14) and Final Pitch (Day 15), also done FULLY ONLINE.
  9. All winners will be announced at 3.00 pm Final Pitch Day, Day 15.
  10. There will be 3 winners for each category, which means each hackathon has 6 winners.


The Prizes

Each Hackathon has two Categories and each Category has three winners.

Sprint Category

  • 1st Prize Prize RM 10,000 + goodies
  • 2nd Prize RM 7,500 + goodies
  • 3rd Prize RM 5,000 + goodies

Marathon Category

  • Each winner will receive a CONDITIONAL GRANT of RM250,000 from Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd (Cradle) for Pilot Deployment of their winning solution; and
  • The Grant shall be administered and disbursed according to Cradle’s Terms and Conditions and Standard Operating Procedures.

Who Should Participate


Essentially “concerned Malaysians” who answer the call to action of the PENJANA hackathon. Interested to participate for the challenge it represents, as a means to showcase their talents and expertise, to learn new things and relish the opportunity to connect with other like-minded Malaysians.


If your team wins, you are NOT GOING TO COMMIT the next 12 months of your team’s time to continue building your solutions until the pilot deployment stage. Your team’s journey ends at the hackathon pitch day.

  • Open to all Malaysian Citizens 18 years of age and above;
  • In Teams of 2 – 5 persons; and
  • Includes University Students, private sector workers, government employees, recently unemployed, etc


Joins the Hackathon for the commercial opportunity it presents – the chance to develop and deploy actual solutions that will help improve the lives of Malaysians. It is expected that capable local tech start-ups, experts and industry professionals leverage this golden opportunity.


If your team wins, your team WILL COMMIT the next 12 months of your time to continue building your solutions until the pilot deployment stage.

  • Open to all Malaysian Citizens
  • For Team of Individuals
    • Must be 18 years of age and above;
    • In teams of 2 – 5 persons; and
    • Includes University Students, private sector workers, government employees, recently unemployed etc
  • For Start-ups
    • Company must be registered with SSM (either Sdn. Bhd., PLT or Enterprise);
    • Majority of shares (51% and above) must be owned by Malaysian shareholders;
    • Company has not been in operation for more than 5 Years (incorporated before 1 September 2015); and
    • Company cumulative revenue to date is less than RM 5 Million

Tips on Forming a Team

  • Refer to “Who Should Participate?” to determine eligibility
  • Select your team members based on their ability to commit to the hackathon schedules
  • Select a “team leader” – someone who is readily available for the organizer to communicate with
  • Have a “spare” or “backup” team member in case someone has an emergency that they cannot avoid
  • Use the Hackathon Registration Form at the individual Hackathon page

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