Coach and Grow Programme or CGP is a market driven coaching programme intended to bring together key players in the entrepreneurial ecosystem to support and fortify technology entrepreneurs grow their businesses to greater heights. To achieve this objective, the CGP is by design, a hands-on business improvement programme. In the first intake from 2011-2012, CGP helped more than 400+ entrepreneurs overcome their business challenges by focusing on key reasons why entrepreneurs fail to grow or scale during crucial stages of their growth life cycle. The programme was crafted to provide entrepreneurs with the tools and ‘show-how’ to develop and implement strategies and plans during commercialisation and growth stages. The CGP team has identified the following as key challenges generally faced by Malaysian technology based entrepreneurs (technopreneurs):
  • Pre-seed companies – obtaining early adopters and first revenues;
  • Growth stage companies – Achieving sustainability during the first few years of commercialization and executing replicable plans for Scaling Fast.
  • Regional/Global Companies – The uncertainty of market and environment in unfamiliar foreign territories.
Through this programme, Cradle aims to create a pipeline of high quality companies at various stages of growth by: Entrepreneurial teams that will benefit from the CGP are from idea stage to the expansion stage. Below are the stages of growth and Qualifying Criteria for potential CGP applicants: CGP’s Value Proposition:
  • The coaching content and KPIs for each programme are developed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs;
  • Coaching structure is focused primarily on Execution Strategies as opposed to theoretical learning;
  • Coaching sessions are customised to the needs of each individual company;
  • All coaches are entrepreneurs and industry experts who have walked the path;
  • Build relationships within the Eco-system such as government agencies, funding agencies, research institution plus a close-knit Alumni groups; and
  • Showcases geared towards business matching, market access, funding and industry networks.
Mandatory Eligibility Criteria:
  1. Majority Malaysian owned company;
  2. For idea stage applicants, the team must be led by a Malaysian citizen and company formed during the coaching period;
  3. Core product/service is technology based;
  4. IP owned by/assigned to company/entrepreneur;
  5. Licensing contract for IP/Technology from foreign company; and
  6. Minimum 2 members of the team to commit to attend and complete programme with all deliverables completed for the duration of coaching (maximum 5 permitted).
In addition to the above, for pre-seed/early stage – criteria mirrors CIP Catalyst grant. For Growth/Global – criteria mirrors CIP 500 grant. The 2013/2014 intake is now closed. Commitment required from entrepreneurs is an average of 1 day a month for 12 months. Successful applicants will be awarded a grant to obtain coaching services and will sign a grant agreement with Cradle (terms and conditions apply). For more information, please do not hesitate to contact the CGP secretariat at or call us at +603.2181.0440.